Disruption & Innovation

Benefit from disruptive and innovative companies beyond what’s typically found in traditional economic sectors.

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Why Disruption & Innovation?

Invest in the future


Technology is a changing world

We are in early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by the emergence of exponential technologies

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Change creates long-term opportunities

While technology feels like it’s changing faster than ever, actual adoption tends to lag the initial hype, which means it’s not too late to get in on opportunities

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Growth and diversification

Access to exponential growth opportunities and diversify away from traditional “old world” industries that are set to be massively disrupted

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Why we built this portfolio

Technology is changing faster than ever, and the lines between the digital, physical and biological worlds are shrinking. Traditional economic sector classifications are not adequately capturing these high-growth segments of the market.

How we put this portfolio together

While traditional wealth managers typically focus on the next quarter or the next year, our investment thesis spans over the next decade. We start by identifying long-term structural trends across political, economic, technological, and social landscapes.

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Portfolio Details

Here's what you're exposed to

Your portfolio may hold the diverse list of asset classes and investment strategies below. The exact composition will depend on your risk profile.

Medium Risk -  Disruption & Innovation Portfolio

Market Neutral Equity - 34%
Event Driven - 15%
5G - 9%
AI & Robotics - 6%
Fintech - 6%
eSports - 5%
E-Commerce - 5%
Blockchain Technology - 5%
Cloud Computing - 3%
Cybersecurity - 3%
Digital Health - 3%
Bioengineering, Genomics & Immunology - 3%
Future Mobility - 2%
Canadian Dollars - 1%

High Risk -  Disruption & Innovation Portfolio

Market Neutral Equity - 25%
Event Driven - 13%
Blockchain Technology - 10%
5G - 10%
Digital Health - 8%
AI & Robotics - 6%
eSports - 6%
Fintech - 6%
E-Commerce - 4%
Bioengineering, Genomics & Immunology - 4%
Future Mobility - 3%
Cloud Computing - 2%
Cybersecurity - 2%
Canadian Dollars - 1%

Very High Risk -  Disruption & Innovation Portfolio

Blockchain Technology - 20%
5G - 20%
Future Mobility - 9%
E-Commerce - 8%
Fintech - 8%
AI & Robotics - 7%
eSports - 7%
Cloud Computing - 6%
Bioengineering, Genomics & Immunology - 6%
Cybersecurity - 4%
Digital Health - 4%
Canadian Dollars - 1%

Last updated: April 2022. Unless stated otherwise, any performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. No representation or warranty is made that any returns indicated will be achieved

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Disruption & Innovation

Benefit from disruptive and innovative companies beyond what’s typically found in traditional economic sectors.

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